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Hello there!

I have some free time @ work and decided it was about that time to update my blog. Things have been so hectic. This has been a trying year, and it’s only the beginning!! Scary! I’ve been feeling a bit down but I swear this cold weather has a lot to do w/ that. Cabin fever!!! I’m ready for some nice weather!!! Days where I can get up and take a nice walk with out bundling up! I miss the days when I can just sit on a park bench and soak up the sun. It’s spring and it DOES NOT feel like it – sad!

This weekend was stressful but for the most part I made the best of it. Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday. I took him to Dinosour’s BBQ – OMG it was delish!!! If you’re from NYC or are visiting NYC I recommend that you stop by. Everything was DELISH but my fave was the mac n cheese, sweet potatos and sweet potato pie. I over ate but who cares, I’ll work it out later :-p

Well this is it for now…

…till next time


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