I swear it was not meant for me to have this polish until now!  I went crazy searching for the Katy Perry collection. I mainly wanted the shatter polish. It wasn't until recently that I realized how pretty the rest of the collection was. Ofcourse it was sold out EVERY WHERE. I waited for the China Glaze Crackle collection to come out. I pre-ordered all the colors. I was happy! Finally, I'll be able to get my hands on some crackle polish. What happens? UPS lost my package and there was no replacement because it was sold out. Just my luck. So I gave up! Oddly enough my friend found a beauty supply by her neighborhood that had a shipment of the Katy Perry polish collection I couldn't be happier so she got me some and I purchased some. Finally, I have the much talked about shatter polish. Well, I have it but don't have it. It's in my friend's house BUT I'm comforted knowing that "I have it". *sigh of relief* I should also note that I am now seeing the collection every where. SMH! 

 I got all the polishes except the burgundy color. 


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