So here I go again with a polish post.

I won't blame it on the brand because I own other matte polishes from different brands. I must say that MAC by far has thee worst matte polish I own. Why do I continue to buy matte polishes? Because:
1. I love the matte polish look especially during the winter.
2. In hopes of finding a matte polish that actually lasts!

I wish there was a better matte formula *sigh*.

I painted my nails a little after midnight last night and here we are 6:30pm and this is what my nails look like. A HOT MESS!!!! This is with minor wear and tear. I did not abuse my nails nor have I washed dishes which usually is the cause of my polish chipping.

I suggest if you want to use a matte polish pick an occasion, possibly do your nails that same day because I can guarantee you'll be disappointed if you paint them the night before.

The search for the perfect matte polish continues. This includes a top matte coat!

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