Concealer Review - Comparison

I'm dedicating this post to my awesome niece Tiffany. She's the reason why I tried this concealer.

Tiffany texts me one day and says that she bought a concealer from MAC. I ask which concealer she bought and she says the MUA suggested she buy the new Pro Longwear concealer (ofcourse she would, it was released that week so she had to push the product). My first "inner" reaction was, aaaah they suckered her in. My second question was what color, they gave her a NW20 which I find odd because that's the shade I wear and I'm a shade darker than her. Keep in mind that Tiffany isn't into makeup, she's a 20 year old, party girl, college student who spends most her nights studying and works, all which contribute to dark circles and that was her main complaint. She also has amazing skin so she doesn't need anything super heavy. I instantly knew that the Pro Longwear concealer wasn't right for her. I felt like it was way too heavy and she wouldn't have control of the pump which often gave waaaay too much product. Anywho, I decided to go and get her another concealer which I thought would be user friendly but also would give her the coverage she needed / wanted. I went with STUDIO SCUPLT.

Unfortunately, I never got to see Tiffany so that I can give her the concealer. The Pro Longwear Concealer fell out of her bag and broke and she bought another concealer which she is much happier with.

I decided to use the Studio Sculpt concealer instead of returning it. Can I just ask why hadn't I bought this concealer before?! It's AMAZING!. My concealer of choice has been Studio Finish which is also good but not as creamy.

STUDIO FINISH: Full coverage, super thick with a dry consistency. I often find myself warming the product on my skin so that it applies smoother. Great for blemishes!! It's also good for the eyes BUT you have to make sure your eyes are well moisturized if not it can look a bit on the cakey side.

STUDIO SCULPT: This is now my favorite concealer. The consistency is like butter! So creamy and blends flawlessly. On the MAC site it says it's full coverage but on me, not so. I'll say it's medium but definitely buildable. I did find that although it's the same color as my Studio Finish it seems a tad bit darker. I can definitely get away with using a NW15 for a brightening effect.

CONCLUSION: I'm in love with Studio Sculpt!!! The end!!!

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