I've been thinking allot about this. I see it asked in many different blogs and it just made me wonder. I do not like making resolutions because the truth is we never follow through. Still I decided to make one...

I've been sorta in a makeup rut. I realize I have so much yet very little of it gets used! One of the main reasons is because during the week day I work. My work environment isn't fancy, it doesn't require for me to get all fancy shmancy. It's a warehouse environment, it's filthy, I'm one of 3 females the rest are all men. The job leaves no room for looking pretty. Although I do work in the office I often have to get dirty. I wear sweats, sneakers and boots to work so that should say it all. On the weekends I'm usually stuck at home.

My resolution is to use up more of my products even if it's very minimal. A little powder, mascara and gloss won't be so bad. So what if I work at a dirty, male dominated place, a girl still has to look pretty - right? I'll be a pretty dirty girl lmao!

The other resolution is to take better care of my skin. I do the basics and thank god I don't have any more acne issues but I seem to have lost that youthful glow. I want to treat my skin well. Exfoliate, detox, drink more water, treat it with love! Besides I'm not getting any younger, if I don't take care of it now I'll regret it down the line

So those are my beauty resolutions for 2011. Nothing major but let's see if I'll keep up with it :-) lol!

HAPPY 2011!!!

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