A tiny nail polish haul. I was on the hunt for a nice shimmery green polish when I stumbled upon this Sinful Colors nail polish miniature set by the register as I was checking out of WALGREENS. I think I paid around $4.99. This may be another nail polish set I give away to my nieces though I think I may keep the gold color. It has red glitter in it, perfect for the holidays. Don't get me wrong, the colors in this set are nice and the quality is great, problem is I sorta own similar colors. Was it a waste of money? No because my nieces will benefit from this :-p they love getting goodies from me! LoL

Why am I giving away? Because:

#1. I mainly bought this for the green color.

#2. When I get home I find that I already own a much nicer shimmery green polish!!!! ***WOMP WOMP***

Unfortunately, that's what happens when you own too much. You lose track of what you own and end up buying doubles. I completely forgot I had China Glaze Emerald Sparkle!!!! :-(

Size comparison

Oh yea, I also bought this pretty pearly minty green color named MINT APPLE



This is more of a summer color - I can't wait to try it tho!!

As always, thanks for reading!


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