Not sure if I mentioned this before but this perfume has become my favorite.  I like it more in the winter days since for me it's a spicy scent.  Problem is this is yet another perfume he (the hubs) isn't a fan of. 

What is one to do?  My attitude was "I'll wear it when he's not around but I want to wear it ALL the time lol. 

This may be a "no point" post but seriously, I was just thinking about it and it made me laugh.  I can't help but think how much our senses, well mine at least, have changed.  I hated spicy, warm scents now I love them.  The perfumes I used to LOOOOOVE I now can't stand - funny.

As with everything, people change, seasons change, senses change.  I guess its part of growing up.  

I hope ya'll had an exciting, relaxing and safe weekend.  Back to reality tomorrow.  

Thanks for reading...till next time!!




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