Lady Gaga Does It Again...

Gaga indeed has taken over the world. People went "gaga" over MAC's 2010 VIVA GLAM Campaign. Spokeswomen, Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper did an amazing job promoting the lipsticks, so much so that they raised over $32 million. That is the most the Viva Glam series has ever done. I'm sure this was because of the wide range of fans Lady Gaga has! She is loved and has amazing loyal fans!

Is it safe to say that whatever Lady Gaga touches turns to gold? I think so, I KNOW so!!!! That is why she's doing it again!! Yes, Gaga & MAC fans, she's going to be the Viva Glam spokesperson for a 2nd year in a row. Has this been done before? There isn't much info yet but I'm sure she'll do an amazing job at promoting the new VG lipstick and educating people on the benefits of purchasing a VG lipstick. I assume the new lipstick is the nude-ish peachy color she's wearing in the picture above. If I read correctly she'll be campaigning the VG 2011 series alone! As soon as I find out more info I'll be sure to post!

Knock'em dead Lady Gaga!!! We love you!!!!

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