Me & Bianca Golden

I'm having yet another sleepless night and I can't help but to reflect on this crazy year - 2010. I had some lows but also some amazing highs, one being...

...this past July I had the privilege of assisting one of my buddies (a very talented makeup artist by the name of Rick) at a fashion show hosted by ANTM Bianca Golden (cycle 9). MY FIRST FASHION SHOW EVER! I helped with makeup, prepping, I moisturized the male models body - it was a lingerie & swimwear show so we couldn't have them walking the runway with ashy skin lol!! It wasn't a "big show" but nonetheless it was an amazing experience. Flashing lights, loud music, gorgeous models, the rush of prepping, the behind the scene drama no one really gets to see, oh my! It was definitely an adrenaline rush! My buddy took me under his wing and taught me several tips & tricks that night and for that I will always be grateful.

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