I finally got around to making an eyebrow tutorial - yay! I'm still not fully comfortable watching myself on camera because I become my worst critic. If I can sit there and criticize myself I can only image what others will do / say lol. Nonetheless, I friggin love making videos and I can only hope to be able to do many more of them. If I can help someone out by sharing some of my tips and tricks then hey, why not - right? As for the haters, and there are many, I will only laugh at you! So bring it lol! I know the YT community has become bombarded with a ton of haters and it's sad!!

Anywho, I hope you enjoy my video!! I decided to start with a brow tutorial because brows are soooo important IMO! It's the main focus of your face, again IMO. Whether you have makeup on or no makeup your brows will make you look polished. It frames your face. I try my best to always do my eyebrows, most of the time it's the only thing I do. It makes such a difference! If you don't do them yourself I highly recommend going to a professional to get them waxed or threaded and shaped. Shape is just as important! I go to Shobha! Google them, they have several locations in the city (NYC). They're a bit pricey but it's so worth it. The service is amazing and everyone is super friendly!

Ok, so onto the video...

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