Let me just say that besides Milani I do not use drug store eyeshadows. The lovely @cutegingerbread (<--- on twitter) raved about a Wet n Wild eyeshadow called Nutty. She raved about it more than once. For $1.99 I didn't mind giving it a try. Surprisingly, I really like it!! It's a taupe-y color, nothing special, right? WRONG!! Something about this color makes it look like you're wearing more than one color. Depending on the angle you look at this color it looks like you blended another color to "create a look". I've been grabbing this shadow when I want to wear makeup but I don't want to go heavy on the eyes. I suggest you go pick this shadow up at your local drug store. Not the best pic but you can def'ly see the dimension this color gives. Looks like I'm wear more than 2 shadows but in fact I'm just wearing Nutty all over the lid and the crease with MAC's Vanilla shadow on the brow bone and that's it!!!!


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