Sephora Holiday Catalog

I don't know how long this has been out but I just noticed it - late much?

Anyways, I was looking through my Sephora catalog and noticed it has bar codes on some of the pages. Looks like this:

What you're supposed to do is get the Sephora app. I think this is only for iPhones, not sure if other phones have this option. If you do have it please let me know because I'm curious. So this is what the app looks like (see bottom right hand side):

You scan the bar code on the catalog using your phone and it takes you to a video talking about that particular item. I was stoked about this!! I think it's soooo friggin cool. Anywho, so as you can see I scanned the bar code for BUXOM CITY SLICKERS and here's a not so good screen shot of the video (quality is bad due to lack of WIFI). I'm including the link to the video so that you can see it if interested...

Exciting isn't it? I thought I'd share with those, like myself that had / have no clue about this :-)

Hope you enjoyed!!

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