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For extra moisturized skin you want to apply moisturizer to your skin while your skin is still damp from your shower/bath. This locks in the moisture. Same applies for your face.

For those with extra dry skin or those suffering from ECZEMA you should avoid bathing with hot water since it'll dry your skin further and cause it to get irritated. As mentioned above you want to moisturize while skin is still damp BUT you may want to use something thicker or even oil based to lock in that extra moisture.

My favorite moisturizers for the winter (I lean towards thicker and or oilier moisturizers around this time due to extra dry skin):

Above is LUSH's message bar in Therapy. This is supposed to be good for stretch marks, not sure how true that is since mine never changed while using this product. Perhaps it helps prevent stretch marks, again not for me. I love how it smells as well. I use this more when I'm going to stay home because I find that it leaves me a bit oily. Although it does absorb into my skin it doesn't do it as fast as my other moisturizers.

Above is LUSH's Buffy Body Butter. I use this year round because it exfoliates and moisturizes in one step.

Favorite moisturizer for my face:

Love this Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer. It has tiny shimmer so it leaves you with a non oily glow.

Although it says light weight I tend to use it more during the winter because IMO it's a bit more heavier than AVEENO.

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