Picture contains: 3 overnight pads, 10 regular pads, 4 panty liners, a cotton linen bag and a travel case for the pads.

I was searching online and came across an article titled "TSA GROIN SEARCHES MENSTRUATING WOMAN". The story itself is crazy (google it if you want to read about it) but what caught my attention was that the woman was wearing a reusable panty liner. Ok, I understand the benefits and that it's environmentally safe and I also understand that's it's your body & your decision on what you want to use BUT am I the only one that finds this a tad bit ummm, gross? The pads come in different colors & designs which I guess can be fun. Eeehh, I just can't see me wearing a moon cup, reusable cloth pads or a sea foam sponge tampon. I personally speak on my behalf but I'd rather just dispose of my dirty napkins, tampons etc and not worry about how I'm going to clean it afterwards. How sanitary is it to rinse a moon cup or a sea foam tampon in the sink? What's wrong with that picture? Blah, maybe it's me and I'm just thinking way too much of it. How do you clean / rinse a reusable tampon and even a moon cup when you're out in public? Do you let everyone see what I imagine to be a bloody mess in a public sink? I'm full of questions as you can see!!!

I want to know what you think. May be you can teach me a thing or two about this so that I can gain a different perspective!!

Yay or nay? Have you used either of the items I've mentioned? Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't knock it till I try it - right?

Let me know what you think. I'm very curious.



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