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So today I decided to go to work late, really late. I was watching the Wendy Williams Show and Nicki Minaj was there. Towards the end of her interview Wendy asks Nicki about her new MAC lipstick. Uummm where have I been and why did I not know that Nicki has a beautiful bright Fuchsia lipstick called PINK FRIDAY due to come out any day now. The husband looked at me in complete shock and was like "babe, you haven't mentioned that lipstick to me" lol. Yea, I had noooo clue!!!

I'm not sure when it'll be released since I emailed MAC and their response was to check back 11/22/10 to sign up for a waiting list. The lipstick is limited edition and from what I've read it'll only be available for sale 4 consecutive Fridays, online ONLY. I did see the lipstick on TV and it is bright pink but I didn't notice if the packaging is different. I would assume it'll be like Viva Glam with just the signature on it. The lipstick is said to be a cross between Pink Nouveau and Girl About Town both gorgeous pink lipsticks.

Pink Nouveau

Girl About Town

I guess we'll have to wait till next week to get more info. I may pick up 2, one for me and another for my niece Taina who is a big fan of Nicki Minaj.

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