While on the train heading to work I was looking at a girl applying her makeup. When she got to the concealer application I noticed she was really rough with her eyes - that's a no no. This sparked me to do this post.

Your eye area is very sensitive. You want to be as gentle as possible when applying eye makeup especially concealer. It is your choice on whether you want to use a brush or your finger. I use both depending on how heavy or natural of a coverage I want. An added bonus when using your finger is that the natural heat of your finger / skin warms the concealer making it easier to apply. When using your fingers you want to pat / dab the concealer, avoid rubbing as this may be a bit rough and it pulls your skin which you want to avoid. Make sure your eye area is well moisturized, this helps with avoiding that cakey look. Choose a shade lighter than your skin tone, this helps with brightening the eye area.

Concealer comes in many different colors and each color serves a purpose. For example:

• Yellow, Peachy, Orange tones help neutralize the bluish & greenish tone that dark circles and veins have. These colors are also great for covering tattoos.

• Green concealer helps conceal redness due to blemishes and rosacea.

• Lavender concealer helps brighten / highlight. Some people use this on their brow bone as a highlighter, I've never tried it.

It all has to do with color theory. The way I remember it is the color opposite each other work together or against each other rather.

I hope this info was helpful to you...

...until next time!

**True beauty comes from within***

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