Today I came across something completely disgusting! After work I decided to take a stroll @ Union Square. I went to my favorite Duane Reade to look at what inexpensive goodies I could buy. As I was browsing thru the cosmetics section I spotted a girl, no wait, correction, A GROWN ASS WOMAN open a L'OREAL lipgloss, she took out her pocket mirror, applied the gloss, sealed it, put it back on the shelf and walked away without a care in the world. I was in shock! I of course took the gloss and gave it to an employee and explained what happened. Honestly, I would have rather she steal it - I'm just sayin!!!! I find this worse than trying on testers at a makeup store because unlike a tester this gloss was left behind for some one to purchase. I know most drug store cosmetics are sealed but what happens when a teenage girl goes in to buy cosmetics and just doesn't know any better. Makes me wonder how many people, including myself have bought a used lipstick or lipgloss. The thought alone gives me goose bumps! Ugh! *BARF*

With that being said PLEASE be cautious of what you buy! Thoroughly check the item. If it looks like it has been tampered with it most likely has!


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