It's 3:50am and I can't sleep. I figured why not review this mascara.

I have a love hate relationship with this mascara. I finally found a mascara that gives me the look I want. It gives me both length and volume. I find that the older it gets the better the application. Now, for the cons, this mascara tends to flake a bit and I find that after several hours of wearing I do get some smudging. It isn't much but for $30 I wouldn't expect it to do that. I'm sure if Faux Cils came in waterproof it would def'ly be my holy grail (hint hint YSL - get with the program!). I don't get smudging and flaking with cheaper mascaras - why do I get it with this one? Hmmmm! I'm torn on whether I would repurchase this. Like I said, the smudging and flaking isn't much, I'm thinking with some powder and touch ups I can control it. Aaaaah, what to do lol??!!! Rebuy or not? Deal with some minimal flaking or not? Hey, it makes my lashes look purty, I think I can deal with some cons - right? Decisions decisions!!! Lol!

I think when the time to replace this comes I'm going to try Benefit's Bad Gal mascara before making a final decision on whether I would repurchase Faux Cils. If I can get the effects of FC minus the flaking/smudging I'll be in mascara heaven lol.

I will keep you posted! The hunt for the "perfect mascara" continues!

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