Strollin Down 59th Street

TGIF!!! For some reason this week just didn't want to end - I'm glad it finally did!

Today while on my way to get my eyebrows threaded I decided to stop by Bloomies to check out MAC's holiday collection - Tartan Tale. The collection did nothing for me. The eyeshadow design is cute but the design doesn't last. Several swipes and the plaid design/color is gone. The pigments on the other hand are nice - I'm contemplating on getting them.

As I was walking I noticed that The Container Store already have their Christmas stuff out. Aaaah why, Halloween hasn't even come yet! Why the rush?

Ofcourse I had to take a pic of Bloomies, I thought it looked beautiful! It's where I've been shopping since the tender age of 15. This is wear I accidentally bumped into the MAC counter in the summer of 1996. What attracted me? RuPaul (I used to be a huge fan)!!!! He used to be the Viva Glam spokesperson at the time and I've been hooked ever since. I remember buying a blush, lipliner (Cork) and a lipstick (X-pose, which has been discontinued) lol.

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