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Hello! I'm on the train heading to work. I've been a little sick these past couple of days. Had my first IV inserted at the ER - not fun! I called out and stood home to rest, I decided to do some much needed grooming / pampering since I had the time.

I think yesterday was the best day to stay home from work. All of my packages came *happy dance*! Finally got my new UGGs and I love them. Also got this:

I mainly bought this for 1 color (glow-ink the dark), the bluish/purple color. This entire package is small. I thought all of the colors were going to be glow in the dark but it's just the blue one. I heard so much hype about this and when I got it I was NOT impressed! Good thing this was just $6 so no harm done. Glow-ink the dark is very very sheer. You have to apply 5-6 coats to really get it to show up and the glow in the dark effect was very minimal to none. I can def'ly see me giving this to one of my younger nieces.

Another reason why I may give this to one of my nieces is the size of the polishes. They're tiny which means it'll take me longer to do my nails.

This is another item I bought and love! I'm a huuuuge fan of matte polishes, I love the ones I own. Instead of searching for more matte polishes, I bought a matte top coat that way I can turn my regular polishes matte. I just think some polishes look cooler matte, love the effect during the cold days! I tend to go for glossier finishes during the spring / summer. (excuse the sloppy polish application - as usual lol).


***Side by side comparison***


The color I used is Wicked by Essie. Polish may look black in some of the pics but it's a vampy dark blackened red.

These items were bought from - shipping was lightening fast. Ordered Tuesday and had it Thursday morning!

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