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Today I hung out with one of my very good friends. I swear she spoils me! I told my husband it's like Christmas every time I see her. Today she made me laugh so hard when she gave me a huge cocktail shaker in the shape of a medicine bottle! I still laugh when I look @ it!

Anywho, below you'll see gifts from my friend as well as my haul.


Hilarious - isn't it?

BCBG Studded Bangle

I'm in love with this cuff - so effin pretty! (From Ann Taylor Loft)


Halloween = Fun Buys

I live in UGGS during the winter. I have the boots in almost every color and figured why note get these cute little shoes to add to my collection! Can wait for them to arrive!!!

My sister talked me into buying this "in your face, bright pink leather jacket". Why I bought it? It goes perfect with my pink UGGS, pink Coach bag and for $50 - why not lol? (Genuine leather for $50 - SCORE!!!)

Hope you enjoyed my goodies! Till next time! :-)

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