I'm not sure where you buy this at - I'm sure if you GOOGLE ColorOn you'll be able to find more info on it. I know AVON sold them for a short while, not sure if they still do. They come in a whole array of colors and designs. You basically place this product onto your lid, rub, remove and blend a bit and bam your eyeshadow is done. I think 1 application can be used more than once. I've never used this product and never will! I just don't see the concept. Where's the creativity and the art that comes along with makeup? Most importantly how will you learn how to apply it?!! Afterall, practice makes perfect - right? Can you imagine if we all used this product, we would all walk around with the same eye makeup - no fun lol!!!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this. Have you used them? Know someone who has?

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