Well I currently don't have Internet and it sux! I miss blogging n YouTubing - ugh! In the meantime I'll try and post what I can via phone. Pics will also be from my phone so excuse the poor quality.

Here are my May faves:

I'm loving this for the moment! It hydrates my skin and smells good! What I really LOVE about this is that it has shimmer so it leaves my skin glowing!

Loreal Studio Secrets primer. I always use MACs primer but decided to give this one a try. This leaves my skin so smooth!!! My makeup applies so flawlessly with this. Only con is I have to keep it away from my nose which is the oiliest part of my face. Oil n this product is no bueno!

The cherry flavor is my fave, it smells so yummy! The blue one does an awesome job moisturing my lips.

This cream bronzer is LOVE. So natural looking n it dries to a powder finish! This is from MACs To The Beach collection.

Marine life highlight powder from MACs To The Beach collection is just beautiful to look at lol. This pic defly doesn't do it justice! Sadly, I think it's sold out everywhere! I was lucky enough to get mine before the collection actually came out! Ofcourse there's a con!!! The gold shimmer is just an overlay spray, so with each use the gold COMPLETELY disappears n all you have left is a matte blush.

Thanks for reading - until next time!

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