Brain Storming

So suddenly I've decided that I want to become a beauty blogger - shocker much? Well, I know this isn't going to be easy but I will give it a go.

Questions to self - how will I pull this off? Do I have the time and dedication it takes to run a blog? I don't have many "beauty followers" so will this even be worth it? We'll see. It doesn't hurt to try - right?

I'm no expert in makeup nor do I have experience in the makeup / beauty industry. I'd like to think of myself as a student, everyday I learn something new. I want to be able to post my opinions and I'm willing to take creative critisism - no bashing allowed! Let's agree to disagree!!!

My obsession with makeup started as early as kindergarden but thats a whole other fun story. I think makeup is fun, it's art and you should use it to express yourself in any way, shape or form. But no matter what form you choose remember: YOU wear the makeup, don't let the makeup wear you!

Your face is your canvas - have fun, be creative!

Stay tuned for more...


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